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Competence as a climate researcher

My background in the climate change analyses is based on the Master of Science and the Licentiate of Technology studies and work in the Oulu University 1967-1974. The courses of the Process Technology were organized into three main process technologies: chemical process technology, mechanical process technology and heat & material transfer technology. In addition to these courses I studied automation and process dynamics. The process technology courses were based on unit processes – a unique approach in the university studies. I studied all these courses and in the end I could have selected any of these courses to be a basis for my MS thesis. I selected process dynamics.


The heat transfer by radiation covers the same phenomenon which is called a greenhouse phenomenon in the climatology. Process dynamics is needed to understand what happens, when cloudiness of the sky varies between clear, cloudy and all-sky conditions. Researchers have calculated very different results for the so called cloud forcing. Even the sign of this effect seems to be unclear: warming or cooling!


The university studies have helped me to work in different industries and in different positions as you can see from my CV. These work life experiences have shown me that my university studies can be applied in many kind of processes - even in climate processes.















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