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Slideshow: IPCC model errors

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 The real warming value of carbon dioxide concentration 400 ppm is only 2.4⁰C. The climate models of the IPCC cannot be fitted into this figure, because it is about 200 % too great. It means that the transient climate sensitivity (TCS) value of 1.8⁰C. is also too great. TCS value of 0.6⁰C can be fitted into this total warming value of 400 ppm. The total absorption by the atmosphere would decrease about 22 Wm-2, if there were no carbon dioxide, which gives the same results as the energy flux approach.

Atmosphere Energy Balance 2020.jpg

The downward flux by the atmosphere encompasses also the solar radiation component  75 W/m2 and the rest of this flux is the energy causing the greenhouse effect. This flux is exactly the same as the sum of four energy fluxes: LW radiation absorption 155.6 + SW radiation absorption 75.0 + Latent heating 90.8 + 24.2 = 345.6 W/m2

No positive water feedback.jpg

Humidity and temperature trends from 1979 to 2017. Absolute humidity decreases from 1982 to 2002 even though temperature increases. Conclusion: No positive feedback in the atmosphere.

RF dependency by CO2.jpg

The radiative forcing curves according four different studies. The equation of Myhre et al. has been used by simple and complicated climate models of the IPCC. The curve of Shi is almost the same but there has been used positive water feedback; By removing positive water feedback it is practically the same as the curve of Ollila with no water feedback. 


The GH effect description of Wikipedia is somehow better than the same as the IPCC. The positive feature is that the downward radiation depends on the temperature of the atmosphere, which is not shown by the IPCC. Many other facts are hidden or not shown as they are in reality.  The purpose seems to be that all contributors are not shown, but the only contributor is longwave radiation absorption by GH gases. Everything seems to be according to the physical laws even to professors of physics if you do not know that this presentation has been manipulated to hide basic facts of the GH effect. The total absorption by GH gases is 345 Wm-2. If there were no carbon dioxide it would be about 21 Wm-2 less meaning that the contribution of carbon dioxide is only about 6% about the total absorption.

Contributions in GH effect.jpg
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