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Antero Ollila



Date of birth         17 Aug 1946
Nationality            Finnish
Civil status           Married



M.Sc. in Process Engineering, January 1972, Oulu University
Lic. Tech. in Process Dynamics, January1974, Oulu University

Dr. of Tech. in Quality Management, Jan. 1996, Helsinki University of Technology 



Project Management, 5 days, 1975
Business Administration Seminar, 22 days, 1979
Development of Creativity, 10 days, 1982
Management of Product Development Project, 3 days, 1982
Development of Product Roadmap, 3 days, 1985
Communispond – Impressive Performance, 2 days, 1987
ABB EuroManager Programme, 20 days, 1992.



2011 – 2014 Adjunct Associate Professor, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

  • Retired from the daily work – continuing research work.


2005 – 2011          Manager of Continuing Education and Work Life Services, Adjunct Associate Professor, Helsinki University of Technology, Lahti Center, Finland 

  • Responsible for continuing education courses in the topics of business development, quality, environment and design for private and public sector organizations

  • Responsible scientific leader of the continuing educations programs

  • Responsible for innovation, planning and realisation of business development projects for private and public sector organisations

  • Member of the leading group of the Lahti Center

  • Pioneered continuous education programs for the teaching staff of a St. Petersburg University

  • Internal consultant for Rector of Helsinki University of Technology in developing the quality management system of the university.


2002 - 2005          Quality & Safety Manager, Tebodin & Partner LLC, Oman

  • Responsible for quality, safety, health, welfare and environmental management

  • Member of the leading group and reporting to the Managing Director

  • Developed and maintained the quality system according to ISO 9001:2000

  • Developed and implemented Occupational Health and Safety Systemaccording to the client’s (Petroleum Development Oman / Shell) requirements

  • Developed and implemented the initiative system

  • Oman office won the quality award of the mother corporate Tebodin in 2003 among 30 offices.


1995-2002            Vice President, Quality & Environment, ABB Industry Oy, Finland

  • Responsible for quality, environment, occupational health and safety (OHS) 1998-2000, initiative system

  • Member of the leading group and reporting to the President of ABB Industry Oy

  • Developed and maintained the certified environmental system (ISO 14001)

  • Developed and implemented the OHS system (OHSAS 18001) – the amount of accidental absences reduced to ten percent of the former level

  • Integrated the quality, environmental and OHS systems into one system

  • Developed and implemented the building safety system for the ABB premises in Helsinki (2000 employees)

  • Developed Lotus Notes based Initiative System - initiatives amount tripled

  • Team leader in developing the Integrated Quality System Review (IQSR) implementation assessment model for TOPs (Total Optimisation of Processes) applied in Automation segment worldwide

  • Member of quality teams in Automation segment (Assessment Responsible Team and Quality Process Responsible Team)

  • Member of Quality Management Team in ABB Oy responsible of European Quality Award (EFQM) implementation in Finland

  • Team leader in internal and external IQSR reviews 1997-2002

  • Assessor in EFQM assessments in the Finnish ABB companies 1996 – 2002

  • Planned, promoted and partly lectured the Quality Promoter course (17 days duration) for the quality engineers of the Finnish ABB companies

  • Combined and developed the ABB Oy concern level quality, environment and safety system for certifications 2000-2002. 

1989 – 1995         Research & Development Director, ABB Service Oy, Finland

  • Responsible for business development and QHE management

  • Member of the leading group and reporting to the President of ABB Service Oy

  • Created maintenance services into service packages

  • Pioneered business model for outsourcing of maintenance businesses

  • Negotiated successfully outsourcing cases from the Finnish industrial companies

  • Carried out a feasibility study for a service company in Estonia and as the result ABB Eesti Service was established 1994 - operating successfully since then

  • Developed the certified company wide quality and environmental systems operating at 20 sites (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001)

  • Developed Total Quality Management approach in the company

  • ABB Service won the Finnish Quality Award of the service sector in 1994.


1984 – 1989         Research & Development Director, Oy Safematic Ltd, Finland

  • Responsible for R&D projects in lubrication, sealing and condition monitoring

  • Member of the leading group and reporting to the President of Safematic

  • Developed the pioneer Safecontrol condition monitoring system


1983 – 1984         Director of Industrial Machinery Group, Ekström Oy, Finland

  • Responsible for marketing and management of business relationships with clients and principals

  • Member of the leading group and reporting to the President of Ekström


1979 – 1983         Process Control Engineer, Neste Oil Oy, Finland

  • Developed process control strategies for MTBE and cumene/phenol plants

  • Developed pioneer automation solutions for new processes

  • Planned and executed training projects for operating personnel.


1974 – 1983         Project Manager, Manager of Automation department, Pulp Mill of Oulu
                                 Osakeyhtiö, Finland

  • Responsible for computer aided automation projects in pulping, washing and bleaching processes.


1972 – 1974         Assistant and Laboratory Engineer, Oulu University, Finland

  • Led and supervised practicals for undergraduate students

  • Responsible for organising laboratory exercises for undergraduate students.


  • Languages: Finnish is mother language, fluent in English and Swedish, basic understanding of written Germany
  • Computer: Active user of MS Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Explorer
  • Driving: Personal car driving licence applicable in Finland and Oman
  • Time management: Completed the Doctoral thesis in 2 years beside the normal work duties as Quality Manager in ABB Service.
  • Flexibility: As my working career indicates, I have exceptional skill to adapt myself into new challenges concerning technology, company or culture.



  • Dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Technology by name “QualityImprovements through ISO 9000 Standards”

  • Over 90 national and international publications or seminar presentations in thetopics of process control, process technology, condition monitoring technology,maintenance and quality

  • Responsible leader for the R&D projects in the present university unit normallyfinanced by European Union special funds and participating organizations. Thetopics cover development of environmental, quality and business developmentissues and the budgeted values vary from 50 000 to 900 000 euros.  




  • American Society for Quality

  • Finnish Society for Quality

  • The Finnish Automation Society

  • Finnish Paper Engineers’ Association


Social activities:

  • The Member of the Advisory committee of the Production Technology Department of The Research Centre of the State 1990 – 1994

  • The Chairman of the Finnish Maintenance Society 1989 – 1993

  • The Chairman of the Board of Safematic Oy 1992 – 1997

  • The Chairman of the Environmental Council and expert member of Business andTechnology Committee in the Federation of Finnish Metal, Engineering andElectrotechnical Industries 2000 – 2002

  • The member of the Board of Fortek Oy 1993-1995

  • The Chairman of the technology program of Quality in Business Networks - thenational development program organised and financed by the National Technology Agency Tekes 1998 – 2001 containing 33 projects and budgeted value ca.10 M$

  • Organized the donations from the industry for the first maintenance professor inFinland for Tampere University of Technology during 1991-1993

  • Invited by the Helsinki University of Technology as the expert to evaluatethe candidates for the professorships of Tribology and Quality Management

  • Active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


Military training:

  • Lieutenant of artillery, in reserve



  • Literature, garden work and music

  • As the result of daily exercises (gym, Nordic walking and swimming) my physicalcondition is excellent.


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