Iceberg syndrome again: Totten Glacier melting and causing a 6 meter rise in global sea levels – oop

An US newspaper Daily Mail has published through its online version MailOnline a report on 26 January 2015 by Sarah Griffiths that East Antarctica’s largest glacier Totten is melting. According to this news a group of Australian scientists have found surrounding waters 1.5 C warmer than expected. Totten Glacier is 120 km long and 30 km wide. According to this news this amount of water would cause a 6 meter rise in global sea levels. That sounds really bad, but even worse is coming, straight quotation in italics: “West Antarctic is melting at triple the rate it was a decade ago. The Amundsen Sea has long been thought to be the weakest ice sheet in the West Antarctic. Last month a US study su

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