Simulation proves that the anthropogenic CO2 portion in the atmosphere is 7.7 % - not 28 % as argued

Introduction: The common estimate of the increased amount of the atmospheric CO2 since 1750 is based on the CO2 concentration increase from 280 ppm to 396.5 ppm in 2013 totaling 234 GtC (= Gigatons of carbon). According to IPCC all of this increase has an anthropogenic origin corresponding to 28 % share of the total CO2 amount. It is not commonly known that this figure is false, because the direct CO2 isotope measurements show that the actual anthropogenic CO2 portion is only 7.7 %. This presentation is based on the peer-reviewed paper “Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Amounts and Fluxes between the Atmosphere, the Ocean, and the Biosphere”. The paper presents reasons and a model explainin

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