“Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey”, a 2014 American science documentary television series, repeats the co

In the popular television series “Cosmos: A spacetime Odyssey”, and in its 12th episode “The World Set Free”, the writers Ann Dryan and Steven Soter repeat the common claims of IPCC. The main message is according to the IPCC common strategy that the humans have almost stepped over the limit of global warming progress. The writers inform the watchers that the greenhouse phenomenon, which is vital for the life on the Earth, is caused totally by carbon dioxide. They do not bother to mention that water is the dominant cause of the greenhouse phenomenon. Even IPCC admits that the water is the main cause of the greenhouse phenomenon. Based on this erroneous fact, they say that a small increase of carbon dioxide can cause a fatal temperature increase. A television watcher with no other information can easily believe this kind of reasoning.


There are no exact calculations about the warming impacts caused by greenhouse gases. The increase of carbon dioxide concentration itself in the atmosphere seems to be good enough evidence. As soon as some concrete figures are represented, an observant person and watcher in the know can find for example the following wrong fact about the CO2 increase in the atmosphere. The host of Cosmos, astrophysicist Neil deGasse Tyson, says in this episode: “Funny thing, the measured increases of CO2 in the atmosphere tallies with the known amounts we are dumping there by burning coal, oil, and gas”.

Cosmos claim.jpg

A really funny thing is that these two figures do not match at all. The increase of CO2 amount in the atmosphere is only about 50 % of burned fossil fuels, see the graph below.

Fossil fuels versus atmosphere.jpg

The explanation is in the oceans' capabilities to absorb CO2, see Figure below.

Fossil fuels and atmosphere.jpg

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